Tracing / Tracking

NTF enables its clients to track their shipments via its Web site. 

You can follow your shipments by consulting our “On-line Services” when you connect using the customized login provided by NTF (contact us for your personal codes), which you can obtain by:  

Document-based Tracing

Your shipments can be traced by consulting your maritime export documents:

  • Booking confirmation;
  • Confirmation of embarkation by the shipping company and/or 
  • Notice of delay;
  • BL;

Any other type of documentation can be provided for by NTF according to your wishes.

Container Tracking

NTF’s information systems capability gives our clients the benefit, via the Internet and on its Web site, of tracking their containers anywhere in the world, 24/7, based on information furnished directly by the shipping companies.

For more information about our on-line services