Acknowledged Expertise

For more than 40 years now, the management of “NTF”, Navi-Trade Forwarders, has been coordinating and organizing maritime freight forwarding operations, as well as putting together industrial logistics projects designed for the importation and exportation of goods the world over.

Headquartered in Marseille, France, “NTF”, Navi-Trade Forwarders makes available to clients its network of experts in maritime affairs, overland transportation, warehousing (transit storage) and storage (long-term storage).

Its expertise and consulting ensure that every shipment entrusted to it takes place under the best possible conditions, with complete security and tranquility.

An Experienced Staff

Our team comprises energetic, committed employees. They set up a customized advisory relationship, are always ready to help, and have complete mastery of all the workings of our trade.
For every type of international shipment and/or project, we have established and implemented rigorous procedures to guarantee our clients that their merchandise will be safe and that they have control of times and costs, in addition to protecting the environment in the course of providing our services.

An Acclaimed Approach

 NTF’s development strategy is built around factors such as security, reliability, competitivity and protection of the environment.

At the heart of NTF's strategic approach is our symbiotic relationship with our clients, both in terms of human resources and technology. We have researched and developed customized procedures that include the highest cost efficiency [profitability] possible for our current and prospective clients. These procedures are established with a constant concern for complying with national and international regulations related to the environment and to quality.

Our clients find that they benefit from the quintessential nature of our interventions as a result of implementing our advice, of cost management and of the cutting-edge techniques we offer them.

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