Dedicated Experts

The Right Kind of Consulting…

“NTF” Navi-Trade Forwarders places particular emphasis on the concept of consulting and especially on the idea of "logistics consulting".Our professional staff is committed to finding the best possible solutions for your shipments throughout the world, and we monitor and manage your goods at every stage of the service. Whatever your needs may be in terms of freight shipping, our attentiveness and expertise will guarantee you responsiveness and high performance.

A Tailored Approach…

To this end, we perform verification at all levels: the selecting of ISO outsourcers - in some cases IMCO/National Security accredited, including performance evaluations, the creation of customized client-specific procedures, with information sent to the client in real time over an AP+ connection, information concerning embarkation forecasts, any eventual delays and container tracking.

We also implement, depending on the complexity of your projects, detailed feasibility studies in order to securitise your goods from the point of origin to the delivery destination.
Our mission is to provide a high-quality service, with comprehensive safety and reliability, with “container tracking” system in real time for your shipments, as well as a "document tracing" system (contact us to obtain your access information).