The IT Environment 

In order to best service its clients, the Navi-Trade Forwarders company has given the highest priority to having a state-of-the-art information system.This indispensable technological tool serves as the spearhead of our know-how and logistics chain 

Always in step with interrelated developments:

  • in regulations (Delta @ C process, Safety regulations)
  • in our clients' needs;
  • in technological advances for information systems; 

NTF offers its clients a pragmatic response providing simultaneously straightforward monitoring and global control of your shipments via the NTF Web site’s “On-Line Services”.

NTF’s technology environment comprises efficient software specific to our “maritime freight forwarding” line of business, while nonetheless including particular applications for:

  • office solutions
  • customs operations
  • "warehousing" operations
  • connectivity with "external systems" (AP+ link, etc.).

Adaptation and customization of certain programs based on your needs can be achieved at various levels, including for:

  • the processing of “shipments” case files;
  • special applications in the context of a globalised project that includes “importation/shipping-warehousing-container packing/unpacking-forwarding”.

Adaptability and customization of certain tools in accordance with your requirements can be carried out at several levels, namely in:

  •   the operation of shipping files
  • specific applications within a global project, including “import/shipping-warehousing-loading/unloading-forwarding”.

In addition to offering accessibility via the NTF Web site and a constant flexibility, NTF possesses the most advanced equipment available operating within a secure, controlled technological architecture, thus assuring its clients reliable continuity of business.