The NTSI (New Computerized Forwarding System) was the starting point for an overall upgrade in electronic processing.This development continues with DELTA (automatically transmitted electronic declaration).It is currently operational at the national level but is also part of a European framework.

What is Delta?

This is a nationwide means of communication between the declaring importer/exporter and the government.

 his is a government agency-to-government agency communications system in the Community context that will include security measures designed to combat international terrorism.

ECS (Export Control System)
will enable electronic monitoring of the export certification between member countries, and will replace the DAU Form 3 in hard copy.

ICS (Import Control System):
Messaging for which the content is still unknown (e.g., SH4).
The European Commission is modifying certain DAU data as of 1/1/06. With the Commission’s approval, their implementation in France has been postponed to 1/1/07. These are operational changes that require rewriting certain functions in the customs clearance process.