Carefully Managed Diversification

Customized Outsourcing

In addition, we have set up outsourcing solutions for a number of our clients. The potential advantages to a company of this strategic approach are enormous. Outsourcing allows a company to reduce its costs, transform a fixed cost into a variable cost, free up capital investments for use in other areas, avoid future investments and generally refocus its management on net earnings. We are at your disposal to jointly develop an effective, “tailor-made” outsourcing solution that fully fits your needs.


Beyond its primary calling in “ import/export maritime forwarding” - specializing in the business activities comprised in our quality approach, “NTF” Navi-Trade Forwarders fulfils a role as trader for an international industrial clientele in the area of products derived from recycling and environmental protection (paper, plastics, cardboard, PVC, metals, rubber).Our secure facilities strategically located at Fos-sur-Mer enable us to seize and generate trading opportunities originating worldwide and to be highly responsive to quality and environmental protection requirements. 

Upon request from our clients, and with a concern for controlled rationalization, NTF also organizes storage, warehousing and handling operations, as well as inventory management for their goods.